Mumbai, My Love

The walk along the streets
The long talks and salad bar in candies
The sound of the waves break
At the shores of the city that’s always awake

The golas at juhu beach
The wall playing on wankhede’s pitch
The amazing meets at sigdi
The times when i got moody

Those bike rides, those long drives
That whistling while watching the god live
The lone times at bandstand and carters
That abusings to SRK haters

The aimless walks
The late night strolls
This poptates and that jugheads
With the nachos and garlic breads

The city of dreams
Where people scream
The traffic jams and those office jams Ohh I miss them damn!!

Those friends forever
Whom I can forget never
I miss that noise
I miss mumbai
I miss u my buddies
I miss u mom dad

I miss that place where being alone also felt like being in a crowd
I miss those moments
I miss that life

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