Going on a Honeymoon : Too Cliche?

I was recently talking to my dad debating on where I should go for my honeymoon. You might think, ‘Wait is she getting married soon?‘ Well, I have no plans of getting married right away, neither have I still found my partner. But isn’t it every girl’s birth right to dream about getting married and going on a honeymoon, just like dreaming about princesses and unicorns? Yes the absolute same thing which comes as a ritual after marriage. After the debate I did give it a thought. Why is it absolutely necessary for everyone to go on a honeymoon and more importantly why is it a honeymoon and not just another vacation?

Nowadays, people go on a honeymoon just to follow a tradition or a cultural norm. Just ‘coz everyone else is doing it, you would be left behind if you don’t, just as if everyone is raving about changing their profile picture on Facebook to support a cause or an event, why don’t I do it too. That sounds a bit foolish, doesn’t it? “Why follow the crowd when you can lead one?” Think about it. Well, honeymoon started off as a tradition to act as an icebreaker for couples who used to opt for arranged marriages. But nowadays, arranged marriages are decreasing day by day, more so this is the era where guys and girls talk for hours together or go on many dates before deciding if they want to get married or not even in an arranged marriage setting.

Yes, I would love to travel with my special someone, don’t deny that at all. But I wouldn’t want only one trip called ‘honeymoon‘ be special to us. Why can’t all our vacations be as special as the first one that we go to? I want to go trekking, backpacking, couch surfing, exploring the world, and all that jazz with him holding my hand by my side. I don’t want it to just be another ritual to follow after the endless number of rituals one already undergoes during one’s marriage. Dear future husband, we can go on any vacation together and call it a honeymoon, be it before marriage or after or even after we grow old. We won’t need a ‘special vacation‘ to strengthen the bond between us or to help us understand each other better.

Let me know what you guys think in the comments below. Is going on a honeymoon mandatory and also is going to a touristy destination more important than spending time with ‘the one‘ at a calm and unalloyed place?

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