The Journey – From India to the US and beyond!!

It all started with a thought
A thought that was waiting to change my life forever
MBA or masters was the question
When I later found that computer was my obsession

Without knowing what was in store ahead
I just gave it a shot and left the rest
Destiny as it was
Everything just landed into place

The applications, the legalities
The visa interview and the flight tickets
They never made me realize
Where I was heading toward

All parts of the puzzle fitted perfectly
And it was time to bid adieu to Mumbai, to India
It was time to leave the city of dreams
To achieve my ambitions

My heart started sinking ,when the day actually arrived
Being the strong me
I never thought in the wildest of my dreams
A feeling so painful could ever hit me so hard

How I wished the drive to the airport took forever
It was my birthday and it couldn’t be worse
After all the delays and the misses
From India to the North Pole
It was finally the USA

Life just took a turn
With jitters and butterflies
I landed in a completely different world
Where there was no ground floor

Buildings were called Apartments
Footpaths became Sidewalks
Kilometers to Miles
Kilograms to Pounds
Liters to Gallons

Everything around me felt weird
The place seemed not so bad
But it was also not as great as Mumbai

Life started revolving around the university
From clubbing to shopping
Exploring to lazing
Biking to driving
Time flew with a wink

Navratri and Diwali seemed so fun
San Francisco became my second home
Gurudwara and Shoreline
It’s all so beautiful

Then there were projects and assignments
Midterms and problem statements
And there was “Yaar aaj kya banaye?”
As also “Tere ghar khaane pe kab aaye?”

New friends and new life
But old bonds stayed strong
Mum became my best friend
And Dad as always my support system

Skype and Viber
Whatsapp and Facebook
Relations never felt so far

Waiting to see you India
Waiting to go back to the city of dreams
From the city of my dreams!!!

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